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Why only local, independent businesses?

Locals Only


The entrepreneurial spirit in the independently owned cafes and coffeehouses truly shines! They often began with a dream; everything is hand selected from the offerings on the menu to the art on the walls and the music that fills the air. The personality and passion of each coffeehouse owner lives and breathes in these beautiful spaces that they have so graciously created for us to visit and enjoy.

@ the counter

@ the counter

As a nation, consumers are trending toward supporting their local economies for a number of reasons. Here is an excerpt from the Colorado Local First campaign that speaks well to this: By choosing to patronize locally owned establishments, consumers make a positive impact in their community in many ways, here are five:

  1. The Environment: By buying things made closer to home, you’re cutting down on fossil fuel use thus reducing your carbon impact and saving money.
  2. Your Local Economy: Local businesses by more often from other local business, the money you spend is then retained in the community in a more concentrated fashion.
  3. Local Flavor: The experience at a local establishment is completely unique – providing local flavor and diversity in your area.
  4. Community Care: Local entrepreneurs are more connected to community because they often live there too. They are more likely than their competitors to get involved in community efforts and happenings.
  5. Voicing Your Opinion: Consumers are voting with their dollars when buying local…”Hey, I like this place and the neighborhood wouldn’t be the same without it!”

A great resource for understanding the importance of “Buying Local” is the American Independent Business Alliance.