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Posted by on Dec 1, 2012 in Blog, Happiness, Local Coffeehouse Visit | 0 comments

My local #Coffeehouse …

My eyes are still blurry as I fumble through my bag to find my credit card … begging my eyes to open … one of THOSE mornings when i desperately need my rich, hot, quad-americano.

Pouring Coffee

… I walk into my neighborhood coffeehouse and see the faces of familiar baristas smiling behind the counter at me and kindly overlook my untamed morning hair.  I know it looks wild, but have decided that my coffee is WAY more important.

They know what I want … prepare it and give a ‘day nod.  Ahhh!… Delicious!

I then took a turn and ventured into the bathroom.  I startled myself!  OMG!!!   How could they NOT say anything about my hairdo?  Haha!

Bless them this day!

Peace, Lisa



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Posted by on May 5, 2012 in Blog, Local Coffeehouse Visit | 0 comments

Shangri La, LoHi Denver, Colorado


Wow!  I don’t know how I missed this place …. I’m not one for reviews, but if I were, then Shangri La Coffee would get a bunch of gold stars!

Very personable service by the man behind the counter.  Their burritos are kept warm in a real oven and they have 21 choices for paninis. 

They serve Lavazza coffee and sound like they are from Europe.  If I heard right, the man is from Morocco.   Not sure about that tho.

Wonder if they have a Cinco do Mayo coffee blend?

To love!

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Posted by on Oct 20, 2011 in Blog, Local Coffeehouse Visit | 1 comment

KISS Coffeehouse … by the real Gene Simmons?

Yes! So “Shout it Outloud”!

Opened 5 years ago in Myrtle Beach, SC this rock n roll coffeehouse is truly one of a kind, at least for now.

Dot dot dot. Manager John said that Gene looooves to make money, so next time you’re in Beijing you just might see it!

Australian holidayers, Ben and Kylie, stopped in after their week long KISS cruise! (Yes, really!)

Website: KISS Coffeehouse

Rock on!

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