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Nationwide local, independent coffeehouses in the palm of your hand!

Buying Local Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

The Local Coffeehouse Guide App & Website provides a dynamic, searchable, mapping platform for users to effortlessly locate unique, independently owned coffeehouses and micro-roasters across the United States. This not only provides retailers with local visibility but with national visibility. Additionally, consumers can easily find these independent businesses to easily support the local economies they live in and visit.

Why Coffee and Coffeehouses

The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) reports that there are over 29,300 independent coffeehouse retailers in the US.

Our founder, Lisa McIntyre, has personally visited hundreds of locally-owned and operated coffeehouses and micro-roasters and has had many one-on-one discussions with the owners and managers. She learned that these entrepreneurs tend to be more involved in their own local communities. They participate in community happenings, often provide the venue for community gatherings and are always conscious of how they can and do give back.

She also learned that many are struggling to keep their doors open. These small businesses do not have the deep pockets of many of the national chain coffee shops and competing with large corporations is nearly impossible for them.

Brick and mortar coffeehouses, cafes and roasters bring people together, however the coffee itself is also central to American culture. Coffee is part of every office meeting and social gathering. It also expresses itself (with the help of java-obsessed people) creatively when growing, harvesting, roasting and preparing the perfect cup.

The Impact: The Local Coffeehouse Guide Benefits Local Business

The App and Website level the playing field, Little Shop vs. National Chain, by acting as a marketing department (so to speak) for the independently owned business members in the directory. This is facilitated by providing them with free listings in the directory as well as custom tailored robust marketing tools that will significantly increase their online and mobile visibility in their surrounding areas and nationally.  Their listings alone, combined with the multi-platform national marketing of the app and website will allow these small businesses to compete more effectively as a community of small businesses against corporate chains. This level of visibility and exposure would typically be unattainable for most small businesses to achieve on their own.

A FREE claimed listing provides a retail location with the following on both the mobile app and website:

  • A map marker that automatically geo-locates the user.
  • A listing that displays their information; address with a link to directions from the user’s current location, a link to the retailer’s desired URL, a photo of their location and a place to share their story or a brief description of their location.
  • We highly encourage our retailers to share their personal story in order to really connect with people even before they walk through the door. This feature truly separates us from the rest.

The additional tools we offer our members are push notes to app users in their area, searchable defining characteristics (gluten free, patio, drive-thru, etc), animated map markers to draw extra attention to their location, and much more.

In early 2016 we will be offering three levels of paid membership which include the claimed listing specifications (above) complimented with the additional tools (i.e. push notes, categories, and animated markers). Also in early 2016 we will be offering all of our tools a la carte to members as well. To learn more about our membership programs and the tools for retailers, please visit our membership page.

Criteria for Inclusion in the Directory

In order for a local coffeehouse, cafe or micro-roaster to be represented in our directory they must meet the following criteria:

  • Location must be locally-owned, independent businesses. No corporate chains or franchises are eligible.
  • All locations must serve espresso drinks as a primary product offering or be a small batch roaster.
  • The business has 10 or less locations in the US.
  • Locations must be in the United States.

The Local Coffeehouse Guide Benefits Coffee Drinkers

According to USA Today (4/9/13), 83% of adults in the US drink some kind of coffee daily and the National Coffee Association reports that 34% of adults drink specialty coffees daily.

We currently have over 16,000 coffeehouses, cafes and micro-roasters in the directory and more are added every day. The app is a user-friendly tool for consumers to find the independent specialty shops nearby – anywhere in the US from the palm of their hand. It’s perfect for travelers exploring a new town or for local residents interested in pursuing a new local experience in their own communities.

Website                     Short video about the App

Apple Download App               Short video interview with Lisa McIntyre, Founder

Google Play Download App

Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign – For Next Phase of the App & Website

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Jake’s Brew Bar, Littleton CO

Isn’t it great to be local?

Jake’s Brew Bar … is a “brew” bar serving brewed coffee and brewed beer!  Clever, eh?  They have been open about 12 months, and today have tons of business walking through the doors in the revitalized Main Street of Downtown Littleton, Colorado.

Barista Matt was gracious from the moment I walked in the door, offering a friendly smile with a kind demeanor.  He made me feel at home for the afternoon I spent in the front window writing and blogging.

They have chosen two different local roasters as their coffee vendors: Novo Coffee and Corvus Coffee; both are well respected roasters in Colorado.

Some coffeehouses are heavy on one type of customer or the other; you may see mostly students or a lot of artists.  This place seemed to draw a nice blend of the community with folks chatting with each other comparing qualities of local craft beer and a few folks sitting at their computers sending last minute emails on a Friday afternoon.

Jake’s was named after the owner’s father, Jacob Barth.  He is from Albuquerque, NM and served in the Army during of WWII.  Owners, Janie and her daughter, Vanessa, also own a wine bar around the corner off of Main St. called Katie’s ~ named after her mother.

It is a family affair!  Step in during the Western Welcome Week coming up this summer.

Luvin’ local, Lisa

Jake’s Brew Bar
2540 W. Main Street
Littleton, CO 80120
(303) 996-1006
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Terra Java, Arcadia Neighborhood, Phoenix AZ

At the counter @ Terra Java

At the counter @ Terra Java

Terra Java, Phoenix AZ

Thanks to my mom’s gift of gab, I got the chance to chat with Omea Eaglerider, co-owner of this community gathering place in Central Phoenix.

Omea is a chef-turned-coffeehouse-owner.  She had been leasing the kitchen in this coffeehouse, formerly Mama Java’s for eighteen months.   Mama Java’s had been in business for eight years, but due to personal issues the owner needed to close the business.  He turned to Omea, and a year ago offered her the opportunity to takeover the business.  

Within 48 hours she said YES and combined her catering company “Terra Bites” with Mama Java’s creating “Terra Java Coffee House” where she can sell her world-themed foods to her coffee customers every day.  

Coffee choice:  They sell coffee varieties from Passport Coffee, roasted locally in the Scottsdale Airpark.  Also offered are many other local and healthy food options.

Barista LOVE!  They just sent one of their baristas to an international competition.  I love it when owners support their employee’s passions, too.  

Lovin’ the local flavor of Arizona!


2013-04-20 12.34.59Terra Java Coffee House
3619 E. Indian School Rd
Phoenix AZ 85018


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Java Moose Coffee House & Deli, Fairplay CO

Java Moose in Fairplay, CO

Java Moose in Fairplay, CO

Local Coffeehouse

Java Moose Coffee House & Deli
730 Main Street
Fairplay, CO 80440

Highway 9 offers a viable option when avoiding I-70 “slow and go” traffic back to Denver.  As I descended Hoosier Pass driving south out of Breckenridge, CO this afternoon I was drawn to stop at the Java Moose Coffee House & Deli.

The barista was too busy to chat, but I met a kind man sitting at the end of the counter.  He is a truck driver who lives in South Park.  He stops in for a coffee and a doughnut whenever he’s home …. “love the community that meets here”, he said.

According to their website they have art hanging on the walls from the students in Ms. Husher’s class at the local middle school.

How does it get any better than this?

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My local #Coffeehouse …

My eyes are still blurry as I fumble through my bag to find my credit card … begging my eyes to open … one of THOSE mornings when i desperately need my rich, hot, quad-americano.

Pouring Coffee

… I walk into my neighborhood coffeehouse and see the faces of familiar baristas smiling behind the counter at me and kindly overlook my untamed morning hair.  I know it looks wild, but have decided that my coffee is WAY more important.

They know what I want … prepare it and give a ‘day nod.  Ahhh!… Delicious!

I then took a turn and ventured into the bathroom.  I startled myself!  OMG!!!   How could they NOT say anything about my hairdo?  Haha!

Bless them this day!

Peace, Lisa



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