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History of Coffee

Fun stuff about coffee and coffeehouses that we have gathered for your enjoyment.


The History of Coffee: “Dancing Goats”

Legend tThe Local Coffeehouse Guideells us that over 1,300 years ago, in what is Ethiopia today, a young Arab shepherd by the name of Kaldi observed his goats acting strangely; running and jumping (as if crazy) after eating the red fruit of a bush. Intrigued by what was happening, the shepherd decided to take samples of the leaves and fruits from the bush to a monastery called “Cheodet”.

At Cheodet, the monks cooked the beans the shepherd had harvested. And as the beans roasted they gave off a most pleasant aroma. Using the roasted beans the monks prepared a beverage and were fascinated by the results. After drinking the new infusion, the monks’ prayers were no longer soft and placid; they were a joyful choir.

According to legend, the abbot (head/father of the monastery) gave the name ofkaaba to the beverage, which means “coffee-colored precious stone” in the Arab language.