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From Origin to You

From Farm to Cup, simplified.


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One of the special things about coffee is that it is a global industry that is enjoyed locally, wherever you are.

A cup of coffee is created from the roasted seed of a cherry that grows on a tree. The fruit is a vibrant red when ripe and is deliciously sweet. Inside the thin flesh of the cherry are two seeds that are harvested, processed, transported, roasted, prepared and served. Here is a simplified journey of coffee from farm to cup:

  1. FARMING: Coffee trees are planted and grown on farms referred to as “origin”, all across the Bean Belt of the world. The Bean Belt is within the latitude lines that circle the earth in which most coffee plants are grown. The area is between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.
  2. HARVESTING: The cherries are usually harvested by hand once a year; the season depends on the climate and location.
  3. PROCESSING: The cherries are pulped and dried, producing green coffee beans.
  4. TRANSPORTING: The green coffee beans are transported to a roasting destination.
  5. ROASTING: The green coffee beans are roasted and packaged.
  6. GRINDING: The roasted beans are ground according to various preparation methods.
  7. PREPARATION: The grounds are brewed with water, producing a cup of coffee.
  8. DRINKING: Coffee is served according to the drinker’s preference.