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Coffee Preparations

Ways to enjoy your java.


Drip” – Possibly the most common technique used in the US. An electric pot with a water basin at the top that provides hot water to coffee in a filter that “drips” into the vessel below.

Press” – A vessel where the ground coffee is placed. Hot water is then poured over the grounds and stirred. Allow the coffee to steep for 4 ½ minutes. Place the plunger with screen and “press” down to push the grounds to the bottom.

Espresso” – Use of a special machine, usually only done at a coffeehouse or restaurant. A skilled barista prepares the coffee by injecting hot water through it, in to the cup below. Temperature, pack, etc. are critical to creating a spectacular flavor.

Cold Press” – The 12-hour preparation for a delicious & fully caffeinated coffee extract. Just add water.

Pour Over” – Slow and smooth. Simple to do with easy cleanup. Place a cone with filter onto a cup. Add coffee then pour over with hot water. Allow all water to transfer to cup below.

Turkish” – Add finely ground beans, cold water, sugar and some cardamom (a popular spice of the Middle East 1500’s) and boil in a special pot called a “cezve/ibrik” then pour into a small cup allowing the grounds to settle to the bottom before drinking.

Percolator” – Old-school technique that I remember from Sunday mornings at church with my grandma. Use of a big, electric urn full of tap water. Coffee is placed in a metal basket at the top. The urn is turned on, boiling the water just under the basket. The water turns into coffee after an hour.

Vacuum or siphon” – A double chamber made usually of glass using vapor pressure and vacuum to make a clear brew; invented in Berlin in 1830.

Freeze Dried” – Can you say Sanka? This stuff tastes terrible, but works in a pinch. Coffee is reduced to powder for storage. Add hot water for an easy cup. Invented for the soldiers during WWII.

Stovetop Espresso” – A frugal & European way to make rich flavored coffee at home. I take mine with me in my caravan trailer on road trips. Works by reverse drip method.