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What’s in the App?

How are we different? Our directory is exclusive to locally owned businesses.


We believe that once a store begins thinking about big growth by becoming a “concept”, the heart and soul of the business is lost.

The Local Coffeehouse Guide App is built to provide users with a comprehensive, exclusive directory of local coffeehouses, cafes and micro-roasters where they live and travel; anytime and anywhere in the United States. Using the directory makes buying local a whole lot easier!

  • Local Coffee Map: Find local the local flavor – a map of coffeehouses to explore near you. What’s better? Once the coffeehouses post their personal stories you can read them here!
  • Locals Only: We strive to list only locally owned and operated businesses. No chains. No franchises.
  • Take a Photo: Share your favorite coffee hangout and post it with a comment!
  • Coffee 101: Impress your friends! Learn about interesting coffee trivia.
  • News: We have a super cool news feed that delivers current articles about local coffee around the United States.

We love the local gathering places that reside in our cities and towns across America, specifically those in the coffee industry. Recent research indicates that there are thousands of independently owned coffeehouses, cafes and micro-roasters in the US today. We seek to list them all; this market niche is growing by leaps and bounds as consumers seek a more personal experience while shopping in their communities and while traveling.