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No Chains. No Franchises.

No corporate coffeehouses in our directory.


We are NOT “anti-Starbucks” or “anti-franchise”. In fact we appreciate what Starbucks has done to revitalize the coffeehouse as a “third place”. We simply understand that the needs of the mom n’ pop business owner are different. They are everything: the Purchasing Department, Accounting, HR, and Marketing Department all wrapped up into one. They may have all of their capital in one basket and we want to provide them with an additional marketing avenue to bring more people through their doors.

We’ve also learned that consumers enjoy shopping local to support their local economies. We want to make it a little easier to find local coffeehouses by providing a directory they can use to explore from home or while traveling in the US.

No Rating System

Yelp!, Google, TripAdvisor and Urban Spoon have mastered the task of offering rating systems for businesses. Our mission goes beyond that; we desire to connect you to local indie coffee and invite you to explore the options for yourself thus allowing you to truly have a unique experience.