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Posted by on Jan 19, 2015 in Blog, Local Coffeehouse Visit, The Local Coffeehouse Guide Facebook Page | 5 comments

A look at coffee in Hawaii

I’m writing an article about coffee in Hawaii … its past, present and where it’s headed, based on my research and intuition.  

I love gathering facts and opinions and deciphering what is truth and perspective! Lucky for me I was able to spend some time on the Big Island myself and get a sense of the energy, movement and vibe. I met many coffee people whom I interviewed and chatted with about their love of coffee and interest in the future of the industry.

If you have a perspective to share with me, please comment on this post. The article will be published  in an industry magazine soon. I’ll share it with you then 🙂

Mahalo, Lisa


  1. love it & keep the pace, sunshine ♥ mahalo ♥

  2. Hawaiian Kona is great.Coffee. However am interested in learning your thoughts on Cuban coffee. Enjoyed some several years back and thinking with the thaw in relations we might see some beans heading west.

    • Hi Bob! Great idea! I’ll keep my eyes (and taste buds) open for Cuban coffee news.

      • Excellent! Not to take away from Hawaiian btw. I enjoyed the Cuban coffee while traveling in Grand Caymen or Belize (can’t recall which) and loved it so much (packaged, ground), we brought it home in a non nondescript baggie.

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