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Posted by on Jan 15, 2014 in Blog, Happiness, Local Coffeehouse Visit | 0 comments

Wanderer Wandering Through Portland in Search of Coffee


Henry, Gypsy Daisy and I got stuck in the Pacific Northwest. Maybe it was a rut from one of the Oregon Trail or Lewis and Clark Expedition wagons that  helped persuade us, but we’ve made camp for a bit.

... ready to explore Portland's coffee culture!

… ready to explore Portland’s coffee culture!

In January I’ll be starting a tour of the famous, deeply rooted coffee culture here in the Portland area over the next several weeks and will share many of them here on the pages of my blog.  I love to sample the roasts, watch the baristas as their craft and sit along side the regulars it take it all in.

Please share your favorite Portland coffeehouse or specialty roaster with me so I can make sure to find the best.

A toast to the roast!


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Posted by on Mar 26, 2013 in Blog, Happiness, Local Coffeehouse Visit | 2 comments

Mirage Trading & Roasting Company in Moffat, Colorado

DSC_0037 DSC_0154Mirage Roasting Co.
17555 State Hwy 17
Moffat, CO 81143

The charming Mirage Roasting Company sits in the San Luis Valley in southwestern Colorado on Highway 17.   One woman told me that there is 1 person for every 2 square miles of land out there, which makes it the least densely populated area in Colorado.


The entire valley consists of acres of farm land for potatoes, barley, quinoa, etc. and sits on top of Colorado’s largest aquifer providing life-giving water to this high desert landscape.  

Mirage Roasting Co. also houses an art trading business and cafe where both the locals and tourists gather.  Lisa, barista and roaster, explained that they purchased a roaster about a year ago and now roast several pounds a week.  Several of the area’s restaurants are now serving their specialty, single-origin coffees.  They are proud of their 100% organic, fair trade beans and so is the community.  They wish to remain small and specialized and never compromising quality.

On my tour of the Valley I also discovered The Great Sand Dunes National Park, a restaurant that raises and serves grass-fed yak, an alligator farm, the international spiritual hub of Crestone, and a UFO lookout tower.  

What a grand adventure!  This is what road trips are for … to discover the uniqueness of our country. 

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Posted by on Dec 1, 2012 in Blog, Happiness, Local Coffeehouse Visit | 0 comments

My local #Coffeehouse …

My eyes are still blurry as I fumble through my bag to find my credit card … begging my eyes to open … one of THOSE mornings when i desperately need my rich, hot, quad-americano.

Pouring Coffee

… I walk into my neighborhood coffeehouse and see the faces of familiar baristas smiling behind the counter at me and kindly overlook my untamed morning hair.  I know it looks wild, but have decided that my coffee is WAY more important.

They know what I want … prepare it and give a ‘day nod.  Ahhh!… Delicious!

I then took a turn and ventured into the bathroom.  I startled myself!  OMG!!!   How could they NOT say anything about my hairdo?  Haha!

Bless them this day!

Peace, Lisa



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