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Posted by on Jul 9, 2015 in Blog, It's About Community, Shop Small | 0 comments

Let’s travel to Union Station!

Let’s travel to Union Station!

Lying in bed on a rainy night, I was serenaded by the sound of the rain on the roof tapping rhythmically against the windows. Then, the distant sound of the train joined in. The horn sent warning signals into the damp air, the squeaks and squeals of the metal wheels on the metal tracks added to the melody.

The Local Coffeehouse Guide | All Rights ReservedI LOVE the sound of trains. I’m from Phoenix, AZ and when it comes to transportation, Arizona is so different from the East Coast or the Midwest where ports and trains and barges are so prevalent. Rails and rivers intrigue me as I travel across America. On one of my road trips I took advantage of these people movers and parked at the outskirts of the edge of New York City, Boston, and Chicago metropolitan areas and took the train. It was GLORIOUS!!

I exited each train at their respective Union Stations. In Chicago they were having a gala event and the hubbub created a lively energy. Boston offered a ton of movement as it was Day 1 of Occupy Boston. For NYC I actually parked in the Bronx then took the subway to Battery Park and walked to Times Square. All aboard!

All over the US we are seeing the re-gentrification of our downtown areas. In the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s the suburbs became the focal point as people desired new homes, new schools, new stores and many of our downtowns became dirty, fast-paced and undesirable.

Not any more! It’s everywhere! Small towns and big cities alike are creating community in the town square and the local businesses that surround it. My hometown of Denver has remodeled our Union Station and made it a destination for visitors. I can’t get enough of the 50 foot ceilings and comfortable surroundings where you can find a local coffeehouse, small boutiques and local craft beer!

It’s even been dubbed “Denver’s Living Room”. Come out for a visit!

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