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Map of Local Coffee in the U.S.

Find locally-owned coffeehouses, cafes and roasters near you!

The map geolocates you then populates with the nearest 25 locations. You may need to enter your city and state.

Find locally-owned coffee shops near you!

The mapping interface you see here is being reconfigured to be more user friendly. In the meantime, we thought you’d like to start finding places to visit right away!

A Special Note

Our list has been created out of our passion for the small, mom-n-pop locations across America. We are just two tenacious, fun-loving gals in Denver, bootstrapping our way along to make The Local Coffeehouse Guide an amazing tool to help the “little shops” thrive economically. According to Specialty Coffee Association of America there are nearly 30,000 locally owned coffeehouses in the US. We only have 17,000 and some of those are not accurate, but assure you that we are doing our best. We welcome your input. In fact, we have made the website and app easy to report any new, changed, closed or incorrectly listed locations. We have also chosen to eliminate any chains (with 11 or more locations) or franchises, if you find one or two on the list, please let us know so we can remove them. We feel that when the choice is made to create a “concept store”, the heart of the business suffers (find out more here).

Thank you for visiting our directory!

Now get out there and find a cool, indie spot for your next cuppa joe. 🙂